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''An ode to the Broken Human State... Human Beings...can't trust'em but you gotta love'em.'


released March 1, 2012

Mick Wilson- Bass and Background vocals, Tom Pappas-Vocals and Guitar, Scott Ballew- Drums, Percussion and Background vocals.



all rights reserved


Rock City Birdhouse Nashville, Tennessee

Simply put ROCK CITY BIRDHOUSE is Rock n Roll in it's Truest Form. It all started in Oct. 2010 when Guitarist/Singer , Tom Pappas (Superdrag) Moved in with Drummer Scott Ballew (the Shazam).There was a rehersal space set up in the basement with two musicians living in the same house . You do the Math. Mick Wilson's bass and backgrounds (the Shazam) brought it to completion Dec. 2010. ... more

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Track Name: Knife to a Gunfight
Hold on baby Wait a minute now. I forgot my knife but you brought your skillet. Pow!

Bleeding from the face it's so unsettling. It all started with a shotgun wedding.

Casualties are mounting like a Picket's charge there. Over run in ruin like an uncivil union.

Pre Chorus: Tryin so hard with all our might looks like we brought a Knife to a gun fight.

Chorus: Knife to a gunfight. Branded by stars. Knife to a gunfight.
Smith and Wesson wins it's so out of sight. Uh Oh.

Get on living or get on dieing. You're selling me guilt but I ain't buying.

Pre Chorus, Chorus 2X.
Track Name: Breakage
Nervous when you feel it. Crazy when you don't. Crying cause your all alone. Crazy when you feel it . Nervous when you don't. Party on your pleasure throne.

Chorus: Feel Breakage. Mirrored in all discontent. Total hartache. Ashes were all that was sent . Rolling over. Over and over my friend. Feel Breakage and send it to a friend. To a friend!

Shiver down your backside. Tingle through your toes. Don't you wonder where you left your clothes. Tingle down your backside. Shiver through your toes. Forget about your life of woes.


2X Feel all alone. Don't cha feel all alone. Don'tcha feel all alone.
Don'tcha feel.?
Track Name: We're not Leaving
Sugar honey, Darlin pie. Kiss my lips and I'll make you cry. I really love you. You know that I do. I really dig it. Through and through.

Chorus: 2X Were not leaving we're staying right here.

Shake it baby ,have a fit . Overloaded and half lit. Tumble dry at half speed. The buzzer sounds as we start to bleed.


2X. Right here. You know we're right here.

Repeat 1st verse.


2X We're not leaving,no.

We're not leaving. We're staying right here. 4X right here!
Track Name: Lordsin Theme
Gonna ride at the speed of sound. Grinding gears til the blood hits the ground. I gotta leave the house right now. Burning Rubber til the sun going down.

Chorus: 2X we're going Lordsin

Take a trek down asshole hill. Bust a tire never take a spill. Pearcy Priest is the place to be. Ride the dam into history.

Chorus 4X

Make it out alive. We're going back to the hive. We're gonna break it down. We're going into town.

Repeat 1st verse

Chorus: 6X
Track Name: Wrong Tattoo
Take a minute to figure out . Why come you got the Wrong Tatto. Down your face or in your mouth. Tell me what you got to prove.

Pre Chorus: Many years from now. You'll be sagging like a cow.

Waking up tommarro morning. Why come you got the Wrong Tattoo. A boyfriend, a girlfriend, a four leaf clover,a drummer named Scott Ballew.

Pre chorus

Chorus: 3X. Wrong Tattoo

Get a loan,sell the house ,ta get the thing off your back. Laser on,burn the skin. Now you got a stinking rash.

Pre chorus


Wrong Tattoo!
Track Name: Drop Dead Rooster
Drop Dead Rooster, I'm creeping down your hall. Drop Dead Rooster, you know you'll have a ball.
All the chickens in the Barn yard. They all know my call.

2X Early in the morning ,at the break of dawn.
All the chickens in the barn yard. They all know my song.

Drop Dead Rooster, I'm breaking down your door. Drop Dead Rooster, I'm rotten to the core.

All the chickens in the barn yard. 7X They all know.
They all know my call. 4X I'm the Rooster. Ahh Ah.
Track Name: Get it Together
Chorus: Everybody here. Everybody there. Everybody Get it Together.
Up upon a hill. Lighting strikes your will. Everybody Get it Together. Bring it Down!

Molten lava dripping from your lips. Kymoto dragon lizard hips. Flash in the pan. Ice skating in the sand. I gotta go streaking on the streets of Teherran.


Naked abandon in outter space. Burgandy lipstick all over your face. Standing in the corner with your dunce cap on. Breeding disaster all over this song.

2X Everbody here. 2X Everybody there. Everybody Get it Together. 2X Up upon a hill. 2X lightning strikes your will.
Everybody Get it Together. Bring it Down!
Track Name: Burn it Down
Boiling water , washed out to sea. The captain's overboard in a pile of leaves. I love it. I hate it. I want some more. Your making decisions like the chairman of the board.

Chorus: 2X We're gonna Burn it Down.

You don't respect my words like day we met. I used to feel good now I'm a broken wreck. You love it. You hate it . You want some more. I feel so helpless as I slam the door.

Chorus 2X

Got a third verse like an atom bomb. A high yield burst in between the calm. We love it. We hate it. We want some more. I feel so helpless I'm a natural bore.

Chorus: 4X

2X Burn it down.
Burn! Down!
Track Name: Hook, Line and Sinker
A silver lining bangs your head. Your sences deleted. In every word that she has said. Burn every word that I have read.
The ice cold shoulder smacks your brow. The fighting is over. Hook, Line and Sinker have a rowe. Hook, Line and Sinker take a bow.
Left for dead in a pile of swill. You boarders are open as you swallow your pill. Take a momment to pay your bills. Hook, Line and Sinker I'm feeling ill!
A silver lining. Bangs your head. Your sences deleted. Hook, Line and Sinker tuning red. Hook,Line and Sinker Wake the Dead. 4XHook, Line and . Hook, Line and Sinker. Wake the Dead.
Track Name: Dig It
Chorus: 2X Dig it Now. Dig it While you can. And we're choking on the pipes of pan. You got to Dig it while you can.

Verse: Everybody, standing here. Come on forward and Have no fear. Everybody around the world Turn On. Turn On.

1st Verse

3X You got to Dig It while you can.
Track Name: Aftershock
Sitting in a traffic Aftershock. Tuning off the cruise control. Contemplate a moments random shock. Dizzy on the dawn patrol.

Pre Chorus: Disbelieve your soul has been illconceived.Splinter truth. On the coals of forgotten youth.

Disembalmed demised and osctrisized. Quarterback the tumor bowl. Only in forgiven novelties. Portioned on a tray of gold.

Pre Chorus
2X Aftershock when you hear news.
After all that you have abused.